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Apotheon - EN

Apotheon is 2D side-scrolling platformer action RPG by Alientrap that was released in February 2015. In the game you take the role of champion of Hera who must stand against the Gods.

The Setting

 In Ancient Greece, the Gods have left humanity. Without their guidance there is no food, resources or even sunlight. War is raging, your city is attacked, chaos, screams and fire...you awake in the middle of total chaos.

After quick tutorial you're ready to take things in your hands and save the world!

At the end of the first level Hera appears before you, naming you her champion and the only that can punish her husband for forsaking his creations. With her help you ascend to Olympus, where you will have to defeat the Gods, acquire celestial powers and restore order on Earth.

From here the game is separated in areas, each governed by different God.


Apotheon is combination of 2D platformer and action RPG in which you will learn skills and collect various weapons, each having distinct style of play. The short xiphos will allow you attack fast in close range, while the slow maces and axes will deal more damage and the long spears will let you strike first. There are also range weapons, armours and shields.

The weapons in the game though should be taken more as ammunitions and not exactly items, because they break often and you will be switching all the time. But this should not worry you as you will find new weapons lying around all the time, just don't get too comfortable with one and instead master them all.

The battle system is surprisingly deep and fights are full with action to the brim. When you engage an enemy you will block, dodge, jump, roll, attempt low, high strikes, switch weapons, keep distance, moving all the time.

The art style

According to Alien Trap the game was supposed to be sci-fi with mythological elements, but then the sci-fi part was dropped and mythological became the main idea. The whole game is drawn in style inspired by "Black figure" style, that is found on Greek pottery. But the Canadian studio has twisted it a little here and there and made it even better.

The characters and the backgrounds are incredibly detailed and various. The shields have different images and shapes, armours have distinctive forms and ornaments. And they keep going - when you're on low health the screen becomes cracked, when your weapons are close to breaking the tiles showing them are also cracked.

The unique art style adds just more to this already very well made game.


Apotheon is great 2D platformer action RPG and while it’s true that it does not do anything new gameplay wise, it does old things very well. The controls are tight; there is good amount of content, various items, levels and boss fights.

But what is the best about the game is its art style. The whole game is done in upgraded, very detailed version of "Black figure", which is found on Greek pottery.

The game have some very minor flaws like the story and its tendency to be little repetitive, but still if you like Greek mythology and fast paced action games Apotheon is a must for you! Try it!


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