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Souls - EN

After I told you about a heavy and full of different mechanics game,(=D) now I’ll tell you about the simple and light Souls.

Souls is a game for two players (no multiplayer for now, sadly), whom on 3x3 board will play cards with monsters and numbers. The point of the game is to have more cards with your color than your opponent has of his when there is no more space on the board. To achieve this you need to convert your enemy’s ones into your color. How to do that? Simple – your opponent play a card that on its left side has the number 4, for example. Then next to it you play a card which on its right side has 5 (or any number higher than 4) and pop! - that card is yours now. 

On some boards you will see shining circles, those will add +1 to all values of the card you play on them. Other type of booster is the elemental one. Some of the cards have specific element (water, air, earth, light, darkness and so on) and if you put the right type of card on the right booster the card will get +1.

If you win a match against your opponent you get one of his cards, if you lose - you lose one card of yours and the only way to get it back is to re-win the level on which you got that card for the first time.

From all cards you can build an 8 card deck. The game is separated in several element-themed parts with boss at the end of each.

And that`s it, really light and fun game that can help you kill some free time.

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