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Card City Nights EN

After I have started with CCG games I’ll keep going and introduce you this one, I think you will like it. Especially if you are looking for something a bit different.

The game I have in mind is Card City Nights by Ludocity. In it you’re trying to become the champion in the new popular in town game. For every win you will get booster packs with which you’ll be able to enhance your deck. Not so different than the usual story, isn't it? Yes, but the core mechanic of the game is what makes it so different – you don’t have mana or any other resource to use for playing cards, you just play what you want BUT if you want your moves to make any sense you’ll have to watch where the little arrows on your cards point.

For example if a card have an arrow pointing down you will need another one which has an arrow pointing up. After you play the first and then the second under it you will notice that the arrows start to flash indicating that the cards are connected. To have any effect from the cards you play, you need to connect at least three cards. There are few types of cards  - damage cards, defend cards, healing cards and neutral ones. If you connect three damage cards you will have the choice to disable one opponent card or decrease his defense (hit points basically). If the connected cards are of different types there are few scenarios:

1st: If your combo is made from three types of cards you will choose what effect the combo will has.
2nd: If your combo is of two damage cards and one defense card then it will be a damage one.  

And that is, but it changes so much – not only the way the duels go but also the logic you will follow when you build your decks and I personally really, really like it!

Short final thoughts – from a gameplay stand point I love it. Also the art of the cards is funny and the game have sense of humor, the AI is also solid (or I’m really bad at it). On the other hand the story is…boring at best, the deck builder is a bit hard to use, there is no way to sort your cards and there is no multiplayer.  The decision is yours after all. =))

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