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Braveland - EN

If you have read my preview about M&M X you probably know that I’m a big fan of turn-based games. If you haven't - now you know it (and go read that! =P). Because of that the game you will learn about now should not be a surprise.

Thus I write about Braveland by Tortugateam. It is a turn-based strategy much in the style of King’s Bounty. You’re in the role of a peasant whose village is mercilessly sacked by bandits, but your father have been a known warrior so you can’t just leave things be. You grab your old man’s equipment and start to gather your army.
The story is not really innovative, isn't it? No. But in fact the game is not bad at all. With its nice art, bright colors, and good amount of units to have (26 different kinds I think) it turns into a great mobile game (only for iOS now, but on Android soon too), because for PC it’s too simple.

But let’s see what the game offers - unlike other games from the genre, you don’t have a permanent base to develop in order to get different goods from it later (resources, money, and units). Your character has only few basic stats, you have no freedom in the world, everything is on rails pretty much.
You don’t have a base but you have good amount of different units to find and recruit. But, you have to travel to their dwellings every time you need new recruitments. The units have unique abilities but there is no way to upgrade your warriors. The battles are good, the AI can be a challenging opponent.

Based on the said so far my advice, despite all the bad sides of it, is to try Braveland on your PC, but look at it as a mobile game and I'm sure you’ll like it and soon the game will be on your pocket gadget. And again, as I said in my M&M X preview, if you don’t like turn-based games don’t get the game, you won’t like it.

That is from me, happy questing and see you next time! =)) 

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