събота, 6 септември 2014 г.

Official release date is announced for Archage

     The long wait is over for all MMORPG fans, Archage's release date is announced and it is 16th of September this year. Before the Launch there will be two events - one for all players and one for the Founders.
    On 4th of September there will be Open Beta test for everybody who wants to participate, no invitations or keys are needed. The OB ends on 8th of September. All players who has played in the CB tests will find all their characters and progress saved until the end of the OB when the servers will be wiped in preperation for the Founders Head Start which will begin from12th and will continue for 4 days. Right after the Head Start end the official Launch will start on 16th of September.

For more information see this link.

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