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Ubisoft released official trailer for Heroes of Might and Magic VII


   Yesterday Ubisoft released the official trailer for their new game - Heroes of Might and Magic VII. You can find it on their official YouTube chanel or at the end of this article.

    The game will be continuation of M&M X. And the main character will try to unite all the races and stop the raging war.

  The trailer don't offer any gameplay but it clearly shows that  there will be at least four races - Heaven, Necropolis, Stronghold and some magic based one, it can be Academy(if they keep the name from HoMM V) or it can be Sanctuary.

   To be honest as big fan of the series I have mixed feelings about this news, because HoMM 6 was bad with the best in it, the story. Not to mention that they did not even released all races. Let's hope this time they will not do this. Considering the said so far I'm afraid about the quality of this chapter. I'm happy that there will be new game, but I want it to be good.

More and more companies in the gaming industry start to listen to their player base, so let's hope that Ubisoft will become one of them too.

This will be the official site of the game http://www.mmh7.com/ , but for now there is nothing to be seen. Also here is the trailer :

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