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Gameplay trailer for HoMM VII was released

     You can alrady see the first official gameplay trailer for Heores of Might and Magic VII. The railer can be found on the IGN site and on the official site of the game.

   The video shows that Ubisoft has returned to the better accepted by the audience Heroes V feel with few things from VI and few new.
    If you have played HoMM V there is no way you would not see how similiar to it the new game looks in the series - interface, adventure map UI, battlefields, number of resources, all this is almost the same, just a bit more polished. Which in my honest opinion is not a bad thing, Heroes V was pretty decent succesor of HoMM III.
   New things that can be noticed from  the video are the look of the units, battles now can have different objectives(like some battles in HoMM VI), Ubisoft uses Unreal 3 engine now and in the game are implemented different scripted events like avalanches, draining pools of water, destroing magical shields etc.      The ability to implement such scripts remind me of the fanmade Wake of Gods and how much it improved Heores III so let's hope that HoMM VII will be mod friendly and allow the easy making of interesting fanmade maps, like its predecessor. Ofcourse that may mean more on rails missions like the ones in HoMM VI, but...what we can do other than hope?
    For now they use the same town screen as the one in HoMM VI, but let's hope they will go back to the great looking 3D screens from HoMM V. Excluding this there is only one other thing that...not so much dislike as it confuses me, the game is set between Heroes V and Heroes VI...but this is minor flaw that will affect only us who are interested in the lore.

    Now the really interesting things!

     Erwan Le Bretton, Creative Director for Ubisoft have said that in the official site of the game( http://www.mmh7.com/ ) the fans will be able to vote for the 5th and the 6th race that will be included in the game. Firts for the love of the fans will "fight" the elves which are classic race, always present in the game. And the other one are the dwarves which were introduced in HoMM 5 and quickly become one of the favourite races of many players.
    I personaly dislike this idea of Ubisoft, but still 6 races is a lot better then what we saw in HoMM VI.

    And the second thing, probably even more interesting is that this site will be place where the developers and the fans will actively communicate with each other and if there are high fan demands for certain features they may be implemented in the final game. In my article about the first trailer of the game I said that I hope Ubi will start to listen to their fans and guess what I'm a prophet. Ofcourse we have to see how much exactly  they will listen, but still.

    For now release date is unclear, sometime in 2015. Here you can find the gameplay trailer for Heroes of Migh and Magic VII.

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