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Quick Opinion: Samorost 3, The Curious expedition, Everspace, Seasons After Fall

I do not have an excuse anymore other than the ridiculous amount of games which catch my attention and the opposite in amount time I have. So this will be fairly regular format for smaller games.

Today we will take a look at Samorost 3 ( old favorite series of mine ) a crazy adventure game, The Curious Expedition which is similar to Renowned Explorers International Society, Everspace a FTL like game with a twist and last Seasons after Fall a cute platformer  for which I had certain hopes which it may or may not have fulfilled. First is...


Everspace is a sci-fi roguelike, similar to FTL, created by ROCKFISH Games. But here you control a small fighter and try to reach the center of the Universe(mhmm, familiar I know) for unknown even to you reason, but pushed by the AI of your ship. The other big and may be the main difference is that Everpsace is not turn-based, instead is a dogfight/exploration game where you mine, fight, collect money, find equipment for your ship and run when needed(often at the beginning) from bigger ships. In similar to FTL way you will jump from system to system when you are done with each one.
After each try(read after each death) you can modify your ship with the collected money trying to make it better. Strange fact storywise - your pilot remembers his previous attempts which rise some questions like is this real, are you revived somewhere after each dead? 
With your progress you will learn form the AI more and more about not only your mission but also about the few factions and the story of the game in general. The AI will also occasionally mock you or urge you to do this and that which brings strange humorous note to the otherwise kind of grim and lonely space around you.
Sadly as most roguelikes Everspace have the specific for the genre slow start and steep learning curve which may easily put you off from this otherwise great looking space dogfight/roguelike game.

Oh, oh the game is in early access so you might want to wait a little.

Where to find:

Seasons after Fall

I have great amount of love for Ori and The Blind Forest, a game which is not only great in very aspect but also a title which rekindled my attraction to platformers. So when I saw the first shots from Seasons after Fall I was immediately reminded of Ori and got excited...may be too much. In Seasons after Fall you are small "seed" which by a mysterious voice is given the task to gather the powers of the Seasons by meeting their Guardians. Seasons after Fall is very beautiful game with charming characters and interesting idea - solving puzzles by controlling the weather. BUT it is repetitive, there is a ton of backtracking and not in the sense of metroidvania, no, there is only one way. So when you acquire new power and need to return back you can go only the way you came. Which is boring to say the least... This together with the fact that you do the same over and over again, which is going, getting the power from the Guardian and going back makes for one not very interesting or exciting game. Which is sad as it does has potential and it does look great.

...or may be I expected too much of it...

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The Curious Expedition

Because I have started with the disappointing games and I want to end this post in good spirit I will tell you about another title which sadly did not meet my expectations. May be, again, because I compared it to something else and expected more. The game is The Curious Expedition by  Maschinen-Mensch where you will take the role of a famous person( like Lovecraft, Tesla, Alister Crowley, Charles Darwin etc.) who, for some reason, has decided to explore what seems like the jungles of South America. During your adventures you will collect loot which you can sell for honor or money. At the beginning of this post I have stated the game to be similar to Renowned Explorers International Society and while both games share some similar mechanics like the honor cost of items, choose your own adventure aspects and the whole expedition theme Curious Expedition is a lot lighter, simpler and sadly repetitive game where you will always look for the Golden Pyramid. Granted Renowned Explorers had its repetitive moments and you always tried to beat the most famous explorer but it had unique battle system, genuine feeling for exploration and adventure and a lot more interaction between the different characters which all together managed to make you feel invested in the game. While CE I have the feeling is targeted more to the people who like to jump in a game, make a short session or two and be on their way. Which for exploration game like this one it does not really work for me.

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Samorost 3

And last but by no means least an old favorite of mine with its third installment - Samorost. For those of you aware of the series I can only say more of the same which we so much loved in the previous games. Interesting puzzles, quirky characters, beautiful and very detailed environments. For those of you who have not heard of Samorost ( and I will not be surprised if there are such among you ) this is an adventure exploration puzzle game where you will have to solve some really original puzzles if you manage to undestand what is wanted from you only from the gestures and pictures provided by other characters as there is no speech in the game. Samorost is work of Amanita Design the creators of Machinarium and will easily charm you with its amazing aesthetic, music and bizarre characters. And the story is pretty decent too...if you manage to figure it out.

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