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Pankapu - Jumping to you in episodes

After my disappointment from Seasons after Fall I went into Pankapu without any expectations. I just did not dare to have any. What attracted me was the interesting idea of episodic platformer and the colorful graphics. 

Pankapu is a 2D action platformer made by Too Kind Studio. The game revolves around the fairy tale told to the traumatized boy Djaha’rell. The story follows both the brave savior of the Dream world Pankapu and the boy Djaha’rell. The developers from Too Kind promise that the story will play big role in this attempt for episodic game, but so far I have not seen any heavy story telling or interesting dialogues. 

Oh there are a lot of them for sure and some are too long for a platformer game, but I cannot say that they have made the story of the game more interesting for me. We will see how this will develop as this is only the first episode and it is early to scratch the story from the picture. But do not expect atmospheric experience from the sort of Valiant Hearts for example.

Despite the story Pankapu pretty much excels in every other aspect. The game looks great with bright colors, thought out mechanics, responsive controls, well designed platforming action and secret areas to find. Yes, your guess is right you will have to replay levels after each gain of new powers. And new powers you will gain fairly quickly as this first episode is not very long and unfolds with satisfying tempo as the levels are usually short, but packed with action and you rarely run more than few meters without jumping, slashing or dodging something. 

But I mentioned new powers and did not said anything more about them. There are three powers which you will be able to switch between in real time if need be. Your default starting one - Bravery which will give you a sharp sword and a shield. Ardor which will make you nimble and dodgy to hit  while at the same time allowing you to strike from distance. And the Faith which will allow you to be a mighty wizard smashing your nightmarish opponents in mass. In your venturing through the world of Omnia you will also have the chance to upgrade different aspects of your character like his health and damage. 


Pankapu is great, short (because of its episodic nature) platformer done with great deal of understanding how a game in the genre should function, look and feel. At the same time Too Kind Studio have decided to make their game in episodes which I see no reason for. Platformers never been known or played for their deep story and great writing or dialogues. So far I have not seen Too Kind changing that. I am not saying that story is bad it is decent may be for a bit younger audience than me, but is nothing revolutionary. If you like platformers you will probably have fun with Pankapu - I did and my curiosity what they will manage to do with the whole episodic thing makes me keep an eye on them.

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