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Board Game: Dungeon Raiders - EN

RPG games are something great. They give you the chance to live a lot more lives than you can in reality. But they have one very big draw back - they take a lot of time. RPGs eat your time like the Cookie Monster eats...cookies! 
Because of this today I will tell you about a game that have all the exciting sides of an RPG, but it takes around 20 minutes. This is Dungeon Raiders.

Designed of the game is Phil Walker Harding and it is published by Hamoludicus and Pasport Game Studios.


  • 30 Dungeon cards
  • 25 Power cards
  • 24 Items cards
  • 5 Heroes cards
  • 5 Gold tracking cards
  • 5 Purse cards
  • 11 Boss monster cards
  • 50 life cubes

Light the Torches, ready the Keys, whet the Swords

In the game there are 5 classes and each one is better at something than the others. The Knight has a Sword, The Mage has a Crystal ball, and The Barbarian is the toughest and so on. Also each player gets 5 power cards with numbers from 1 to 5 on them, life cubes equal to his life and marks his starting gold. When this is done you are ready for the first floor of the Dungeon.

You kick the door and...

Dungeon Raiders remind me of Munchkin, because of the doors at the start of each floor, but also because of its semi co-op Dungeon crawling. The players can help each other, but they can also trick each other. At the end there is only one winner. On other hand it reminds me of reversed Boss Monster...wait, this is classical RPG...forget that last sentence.

Here light, there darkness...

At each floor there will be five rooms. In the last room at the last floor there will be a Boss Monster. Some rooms will be "lighted", while others will be dark and unless you don't have a torch you won't be able to know what is inside without entering. Rooms cannot be skipped. But let’s see what happens when you enter a room. This will give you an idea why it matters is the room lighted or dark.

When the players enter a room they play one power card from their hand. The card is put back up in front of them, when everyone are ready cards are revealed. According to the number on the cards different things occur - you take an item, evade a trap or fall in it. Sometimes you will trigger traps with risk for your life only to see how others suffer too...oh come on, don't deny it.

The only time when players are forced to play together is when they fight a monster. Unless you're sure of your opponents cards or trick someone into playing low number card. After all the monsters in this dungeon are interested only in the weaklings.

This way the game continues until you leave the Dungeon. At this moment two things happen. First those with lowest health lose the game. Second the one with most gold wins.


Let’s imagine that we open the box together. The cards. As you probably have noticed 98% of the game is cards. And I have nothing bad to say about them. They are made of nice paper, drawn with diligence and a bit of humour. If you don't believe me you can ask the Skeleton playing maraca and the Zombie doing the Moon Step. Next thing is the the Rulebook. It’s very well done, short but instructive and detailed; containing everything you will need to play.

From the several games that I played I have learned that Dungeon Raiders can be played very fast and then it ends in around 15 minutes. Or very slow and deducting in which case it ends in 30 minutes. Bear in mind that if you put your head too much into it though there is good risk of "analysis paralysis". The game can be a lot harder than it looks at first glance. It all really depends on how much you want to win.

But regardless of the way you play, there will be monster fights, tension and race for treasures. Also at the end when you're the winner there is definitely the feeling that you have achieved something.

Dungeon Raiders is great filler or even an introductory game for fantasy fans. If I have grabbed your interest, the links are bellow.


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