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Hand of Fate - EN

  Do you want to know what your future is? What Fate have stored in for you? Do you want to have full control over your future? If the answer is "yes" then be let me give you an advice - be careful what you wish to be part of your future.

Hand of Fate is unique combination of RPG, CCG, Rouguelike and even choose-your-own adventure game, developed by Defiant. The game is still in beta testing, but you can become part of it via Early Access on Steam.

Becuase the game is still not finished many things about its story are unclear. What is known though is that you are playing agains The Dealer and the bet is your life.

Your Fate is at your Hands...almost

If you want to defeat The Dealer, first you will have to go trough his servants. This will happen with the help of two decks - Items and Encounters. In those two you will put anything that you want to happen and any items that you will need. After you're ready with building your  decks The Dealer will shuffel the Encounters and put random number of them, in random form on the table in front of you with your figure at the start. Now you have to go trough all the cards and reach the boss at the final floor. 

There are twelve bosses, separated in four suits - Dust, Plague, Bones and Scales. Each suit have a Jack, a Queen and a King. Every one of them with his own set of skills and tricks.

Now you're probably thinking "Ok, I'll just build the harmless Encounter deck possible, so I can get easily to the Boss" and you're absolutly able to that, the only drawback being a snarky comment from The Dealer, but he will mock you all the time and honestly this is part of his charm. Of course you can make an extra hard challenging deck if you're confident in yourself...and you'll be mocked again.

But now even if you build the safest deck there is still way to die before reaching the boss and its rather embarasing one for an adventurer - starvation. Every move costs you food, once the food is gone, it costs you life, once your life is at zero....

But let's return to the cards, afteral all they're around 90% of the game. During your adventures you will gather various items both common and magical - freezing blades, enraging armors, shileds like inpenetrable walls and many more, but more interesting to me are the Encounters. 

There are all kinds of them - bandit ambushes, saving pincesses, flying with giant birds, traversing deadly mazes, delivery quests and many, many more. At the beggining you will start wiht few cards, but when you beat Encounters and Bosses they will unlock new cards for you. Here is the place to say that some Encounters have more than one way to be beaten and being alive at the end is not always enough.

"I have wepons and you mentioned bandits and stuff, how does the action happen if all are just cards?" Well, very simply actually, when there is a fight ahead or you reach some of the rare shops, the table is changed with fully 3D enviorment in which you will get provisions or battle your enemies. The battle system is very familiar to that in Batman Arkham Series, I believe you are all familiar with it and there is no need to go in details here.

Personal Opinion

Love it, love it, love it! Amazing, original game! It mixes so many game styles together and does it so well. Not to mention that you can play it in so many different ways. Because the game board is basically modular the board will be always different and there are so many different cards to encounter!Also the art on the cards, so good, it gives great tarot feel to the whole thing. If you're fans of RPGs and/or board games you should try it. 

For me personally together with Banner Saga this is one of the most original games this year. Absolute favourite of mine! Try it and you will thank me!

P.S. I also think that it can be easily converted into board game for one or two people. I'll like to see that.



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