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World of Tanks: Rush - The board game - EN


  World of Tanks: Rush is a board game for 3-5 players by the designer Nikolay Pegasov and published by Asmodee in 2013. The game for good or bad is actually not a miniatures game, but in fact it is a deckbuilding game. In other words during the game you will draw cards and try to build a deck with those and beat your enemies with it.


  • 212 cards
    • 15 Base cards (five three-card sets) 
    • 30 Barracks cards (five six-card sets)
    • 100 Vehicle cards, 25 cards per country (USSR, Germany, USA and France) 
    • 48 Medal cards, 12 cards per country (USSR, Germany, USA and France)
    • 12 Achievement cards
    • 5 Memo cards
    • 1 Graveyard card
    • 1 First player card
  • Rules

   Setting up a game

  Every player gets 3 Base cards and six Barrack cards. The vehicle cards are mixed together in one deck and then four of them are drawn and put next to the deck. This will be the "market". The medal cards are separated in four decks by countries. From the achievements four random are drawn, those will be all available achievements for this session of the game. Every player gets one Memo card. The Graveyard is put next to the Vehicle deck. The last player who played the online version gets the First player card.


  During your turn you will draw three cards from your deck and after that you can buy a machine, attack if you drew a machine or use special ability of a tank. Almost all machines can be used as currency and buy other tanks with them(here I use tank and machine as synonyms so don't let that confuse you). All cards that have the currency symbol at the bottom right corner can be used to buy stuff with them. After your purchase both your new tank and the cards used to buy it go back to your deck.
   If you drew tanks you can attack with them. You target can be any enemy base or enemy machine that is protecting a base. You can attack with only one tank per turn if they are nor from the same faction(USA, Germany, USSR and France). When a machine is attacked players compare the attackers damage and the defender's health. Those stats can be found at the top right corner. For example if 1-2 attacks 1-1 the defender is destroyed and the attacker wins a medal, which counts to his points at the end of the game.
  If a base is attacked, it should be hit by two tanks or by one heavy tank for it to be destroyed. It's not necessary for the two tanks to belong to the same player, because when hit by one tank the base is tapped (turned in horizontal position) until its owner next turn. Destroyed bases also counts to points at the end of the game. Both medals and destroyed enemy bases are added to your deck and can be drawn but they cannot be used. 
  When you use a machine's special ability that machine if the ability does no state otherwise is moved in defence.
   When one player loses all his bases or all medals from one country are drawn the game is over and points are calculated. Players get points from medals, destroyed bases and achievements. The player with most points wins.

Personal opinion on the game.

    The rules are easy for both explaining and understanding.
  The game is a deckbuilder so the main thing in it is the cards and they are well made. There is great variety of machines; the art is great, done by the same artists who work World of Tanks Online. Also I'm damn sure that some of the special abilities of the machines are based on their real live doubles. 
   The only thing that really annoyed me is that the creators of the game tried so hard everything to be themed that they came up with names like garages, reserves, baracks and what not for the different decks and piles of cards. Now don't get me wrong, it's great when everything fits but this is just confusing and does not bring that much flavour.
    In conclusion I'll say that World of Tanks: Rush is great, fast, nicely made deckbuilder for all who like war machines...or deckbuilders. Try it, if you have the chance the game is really good!


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