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Quick Opinion: Enyo, Super Dungeon Tactics, Shadowverse

This should have been called the Mobile Opinion, but Super Dungeon Tactics is not a mobile game for some reason so its just an ordinary Quick Opinion. Here we go!


I stumbled upon Enyo by accident while looking for something new to kill time with while in the subway. I was eyeing Enyo for some time now but was hesitant for some reason. This time though I downloaded it and thanks god for that, because this game is probably one of the best on mobile right now. 
Enyo is by the guys behind Card Crawl - Tinytouchtales and they have bet on dungeon crawl again, but with roguelike elements and turn based actions
What makes Enyo different from most roguelikes you will see is the way you battle your foes. With Tyr from NerdsBaloney we had a discussion once that roguelikes are a lot like puzzles and Enyo is even more like a puzzle than your normal roguelike. Here you have four actions from which you can perform one per turn and then your enemies act. What is most interesting is that you have no mean to deal direct damage to your enemies. You will have to either push/hook them into the lava or into spiked walls. 
But be careful as your enemies are not puny nor stupid. Among them you will see archers, bomb hurling devils, charging Minotaurs and even foes which can hook you into the lava! The game is floor based and deeper you get the better, but enemies also become stronger. When you die, you start from the beginning. 
What I dislike about the game is that it has the same problem as Card Crawl - parts of the game are locked behind paywalls and you can play only "basic variant" of the game if you do not want to pay. Still the game has a lot to offer for free and if you like it you can always pay for the full game. 


CCGs are in huge rise in recent years and for now it does not look like they are going to stop. True, not all are good, probably not even half of them, but when something good comes out it is quickly slapped on the board and thoroughly dissected by the community. If it is good enough it is loved if not...quickly forgotten.
Shadowverse lucky for its creators falls in the first category - loved and is now happily enjoying its success. What makes it different from the countless Hearthstone/MTG clones? Anime boobs. No, I am kidding, I mean there are a lot of anime boobs in the game, but it is actually worth it to play it because of its gameplay and not the boobs.
I will cut the usual stuff as all are contained in Shadowverse - boosters, ladder, PvE campaigns(with all classes, great to grasp the basics) - and will go directly to the main thing which sets Shadowverse apart from its competition. Your cards can evolve. When a card evolves it gains stats, abilities and the chance to trade blows with enemy creature. Each player can evolve certain amount of times depending on being first or second. I am sure the more experienced CCG players among you can already imagine the changes in tempo and strategies card evolution brings. On top of that each hero in the game has its own ability which usually has high synergy with his/her class cards, giving even more depth to the game.
If you are tired of Hearthstone but are looking for something similar(Duelyst and Gwent feel too different to you) I suggest you to try Shadowverse. It is good and not even nearly as RNG as Hearthstone.

Super Dungeon Tactics

As I mentioned at the beginning this game would be nice on mobile in my opinion, but here it is, on PC. Not that it is a bad thing. Anyway, on to the game itself!
With Super Dungeon Tactics I went through whole change of hearth as at the beginning when I started playing I disliked it a lot. And I am still not sure why I continued playing it, but I did and it actually turned out to be decent. Allow me tell you more.
Do you like mages, dwarves, barbarians, paladins, rogues and any other stereotype of RPG hero you can think of? Well I hope you do if you are going to play this game, because they are all in there, running adventurer's guild and fighting the darkness in the land of Crystalia. How? Well as the word tactics suggests the fights are indeed turn based and honestly are the best part of the game as everything else is a bit...of a let down. Other than fighting there is a little bit of a story but is nothing special and there is the character management which consists of equipping your characters with the best they can wear. There are two interesting things in Super Dungeon Tactics and they are intertwined together.
The first thing are the battles purely as such. They are interesting, challenging, you feel like accomplishing something when you win. Now they are not too hard, but hard enough to make you think when you are playing. The second part is the small luck element thrown in the game - dice. At start of each round dice are thrown each having the chance to give some boost to your characters, including damage, defense, speed or even the ability to trigger your special skills. Items you equip on your characters manipulate the sides of the dice. What I like the most about these dice is that their results are helpful, but is a lot more important how you will lead your characters than the dice results. These two things together with the instant movement of your characters on the battlefield make the third thing which I like about Super Dungeon Tactics - it feels like a board game.  
Is it worth it? For the hardcore turn-base strategy fans it will feel blank and dull as it does not offer anything between the battles. But...BUT...it is great for a quick fix of some tactical action all of us feel need of sometimes or for people which are just starting with the genre and do not want to jump in the deep from the get go.

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