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Pit People - Early impressions - Simply masterful

FIRST! Pit People is in Early Access on Steam. It is not out yet! This is my first impressions from what the Early Access offers. 

I had really hard time starting this impressions article as I really did not know from where to start with Pit People. So I decided to take a very classic approach. Here I go.

Pit People is fast paced RPG adventure game with turn-based battles. Made by The Behemoth the game is still in early access. 
Pit People is a silly game and this is obvious from the start. From the Main Menu to the story, to the art, to the units and items in the game, everything is ridiculous. But each thing is absurd in such a way that when you gather all of them they actually fit together. For example the speech of the characters - they do not say one word which makes sense, but this actually fits with the setting and if they had proper voice over it would have been worse(they do have speech bubbles, do not worry). It may seem random and silly, but Behemoth had very clear idea what they wanted to create. How they fared? Well, read on...

Giant bears, space and blueberries

How many companies can connect the three things above in a single game? I do not know, but Behemoth managed. These three things are the start of the story in the game. A giant space bear attacked the world where the peaceful man named Horatio lived by producing blueberries. Seeming too boring to the bear it ruined his live...Now wanting a revenge Horatio travels the world. Sadly there is only one story quest in the EA version, so I could not really tell how the story goes but from what I saw it looks interesting. Sadly it is the main thing which can make you go through the game and the moment I finished the story quest I quickly felt bored and with nothing to do. Now do not get me wrong there is a lot to explore, side quests and even quest which you can find only on the map. Not to mention the many characters which you can get for your party, but this lead us to...

Parties, monsters and brawls

Brawls does not mean anything just that the battles in Pit People always felt more like brawls to me. Here you should understand one thing - Pit People is a simple game, in every aspect. But because of this it can be really hard sometimes. I know of at least one fight which is really hard and you should be really careful or with a friend to win it. But how parties are formed and how fights happen? As I said - simple. The game will give you five characters to start with and you will have to capture any additional if you want(you will have to). Capturing characters is the main way to increase your hero rooster. To capture someone you have to meet him in battle, leave him be the last alive enemy and snare him in a net. Simple right? You can have six characters in your party, but some will take two spaces and of some you will need two to fill one slot. Those always come in pairs so do not worry, but they are usually weak. 
In the early access there are probably around twenty different characters to recruit, but something which I liked more is that there are no class restrictions. Everyone can be anything if you equip them with the right weapons. Simple. 
I talked a lot about battles and characters, but how battles happen? As I mentioned they are turned based. On your turn you point your character where you want them and then they go, but you cannot tell them who to attack. They will jump at anyone near them, choosing their target at random(among the enemies) so if you want them to attack a specific target you will have to position them in such a way that only the intended target is in their range. Simple but will make you think and plan quite a lot.


Pit People is weird silly game, by the giant Behemoth(you see what I did there?). At first the game may look a bit random and strange but you will realize that all those silly stuff click together really well. In other words the developers had not just poured random ideas in the game, they had clear idea what they wanted to make. 
In it's core Pit People is fast paced RPG adventure game with turn-based battles where you will have to help the poor blueberry farmer Horatio to succeed in his revenge against the horrible space bear. 
The game is still in early access, but its already quite polished and have its core mechanics in place. For now it lacks content and the story quest line will probably be the main thing(aside from the co-op and the 2v2 arena modes) which will make you play the game, but Behemoth have gotten the formula and now they only need to develop its full potential.
The game is not for everyone and its probably even target at very specific audience, but if you like your games a bit silly I recommend you to try Pit People when it is out.

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