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Epistory Typing Chronicles - The keyboard is mightier than the sword

Through the long years of gaming I have tried various genres of games. Some I have played more, some less. Some have become my favourite and some I almost have not played. Typing games is one of the later. I have played few and while I can say that they have some educational value I saw little value in them as a gamer. This changed after I played Epistory Typing Chronicles.

Made by Fishing Cactus Epistory is a game about a fox riding muse which has to do her job and inspire a writer. Thematic enough you start on a blank page and as it happens often with books whole new world opens little by little before you. While you explore you will see different objects which will have words above them and you will need to type those words if you want to interact with these objects. Objects will vary from wood trunks to treasure chests and even enemies. Oh yes you will fight here, but more about that later.

The game looks amazing with its "origami-like" art style, charming characters and interesting, open for interpretation story. And while this together with its "book" theme grabbed me as I am a proud bookw(y)orm what impressed me is how the guys from Fishing Cactus combined the charming look and theme with few things from other genres(this seems to be THE THING now) to attract broader public, but at the same time kept the focus of the game on the words.

The first of those things are the simple RPG mechanics. The first part is there - you are (role)playing a muse, the second part is character development. Through the game you will learn new skills which will allow you to type easier, to run faster, to sense objects of interest, to burn words(do not tell the dwarves, they will throw you in jail.) and more.

The second is the battle system. You will encounter many enemies in the depths of the writer's mind and you will have to defend yourself. Some will be simple, one word small fries which you will easily type out. But others will be huge never-heard-before three words monsters and you will have to use your whole typing skills acquired in the chats to beat them before they reach you. Because even single touch is enough to kill the muse of a writer. At the end of each zone you will have to survive few waves of enemies, which will come at you from all sides.

I mentioned that they focus on the words and you might wonder what exactly I meant. Let me explain. In Epistory you will type...a lot. This is a game about typing. But you will not have to type "trunk" every time you see a trunk. You will type something wood related. This goes for everything you interact with. This game will expand your vocabulary. Also in the game there will be barred areas and you will not be able to understand the language of the words for those barriers until you travel to certain other places where you will literally learn new "language" so you can read the words you need to progress.


Epistory Typing Chronicles is an interesting pick up on a genre in which we rarely see something new. But here instead of only typing you will explore interesting and mystical, beautiful world filled with treasures, monsters and puzzles. You will learn new "languages", learn new real words and explore one charming and beautiful world. As every typing game this one also will try to teach you something new, but at the same time borrows some mechanics from RPG games which makes it only more interesting. Great game! Niche and not for everybody, but a real hidden gem. 

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