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SuperHot! - An innovative look at FPS

First Person Shooters were something big for me when I was like between 9-12 years old. We played a ton in internet clubs...yeah it was that long ago. Anyway, back then I really liked the genre but with time things somehow changed and I stopped playing those games. I think the last fps I played was Halo CE in 2006. That continued until this year when SuperHot came out. You will ask what this is?! Doesn't sound like anything shooting related! But to this I will say - does Hotline Miami sounds like one? It doesn't but look at it.

Anyway, we are here to talk about SuperHot by...SUPERHOT Team. The game started as game jam in 2013 I think, it drew a lot of attention and this year from a demo it became a full game on the market. There is a story in the game and its idea is interesting, but very short, so I will not talk about it at all. Skipping the story part let’s take a look at the gameplay - what is SuperHot and why so many people are interested in it?

When you launch the game the first thing that will get your attention is the DOS styled menus, this is theme and story related so I will not go into details but it is interesting touch to the game. After you finish the story mode which is a bit more than two hours (it depends how much you die :D ) you will unlock all sort of challenges and unlimited mode to test your newly acquired skills. Are you impatient enough already? Ok, ok...sorry.

What made so many people interested in SuperHot is its core mechanic - the game moves only when you move. My first though when I heard about it was " Oh, so it’s a turn-based kind of FPS?". Well, it’s not it’s more like infinite bullet-time FPS. Often the game will put you against multiple enemies with better weapons, coming from different directions, coming out of cars which try to hit you and so on.  You will have to plan your moves carefully as there are no hit points in this game while at the same time you will also have to be quick and able to adapt as here enemies will shamelessly spawn behind you and in places where you have already checked. 

The game doesn't grab with its look. The menus are DOS like and the other parts of the game have strange rectangular art style with enemies seemingly made of red glass which shatters when they are hit. But it grabs with its gameplay. It really does! It’s a great feeling when you complete a level, when you run by your enemies slashing them with a katana while dodging swarms of bullets. You feel badass! Powerful! Good! Like the main character in an action movie. And then you die, because as we know "Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer". It is an interesting and unique, from what I have seen, mix of a puzzle and FPS in almost equal measure.

Easy to grasp, hard to master, satisfying, clean gameplay.  A ton of replayability. I loved it!  If you are too looking for adrenalin filled title which at the same time offers something new SuperHot is your game!

Where to find it:

Official site


"Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer" is quote from Red Hook's game Darkest Dungeon

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