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Top 10 reviewed games for 2015

Through 2015 I have written here on this blog about 33 different board and pc games. Today I plan to tell you which of those are the 10 best in my opinion. I mean everything here is my opinion, but just to be clear. I must say that all these 10 games are excellent pieces, I have enjoyed playing them a lot and it was really hard for me to put them in any order.  Here we go:

Number 10 is Invisible Inc. by one of my favourite studios - Klei. The game is turn based stealth action game in which you take control over a team of agents which are ultimately fighting against the global rulers. With its clean gameplay, greatly working game mechanics and beautiful art style Invisible Inc is definitely one of the best made games I have played this year. Full review you can find here.

Number 9 is Age of Decadence by Tower Studios. The game has very interesting and strange setting. It is a mix between the fall of The Roman Empire and post-apocalyptic... By genre AoD is RPG where you will always start from the bottom and will never grow to become a half god, half man killing machine. Because this not the style of the game. Instead you will have to talk your way through mostly anything avoiding any fights. Despite this 100% peaceful playtrough will be impossible and when you have no other choice you will have the pleasure to use very deep and precise battle system. Great choice if you want to play something hard, with interesting story and great gameplay. Detailed review here.

Number 8 is Armello by League of Geeks. In my review of the same game for bigboxgamers I said that Armello is the best digital board game and I still think this is true! The story of the game is that the King is dying and each of the Clans should make so the next King is one of their own. Through out the game you will control one character from Clan of your choice and with many battles or ton of backstab and deceit you will have to make so you're the next who will sit on the throne. And because your oponents will not be enough of treat you will have to also battle the forces of darkness and the Royal Guard if you decide that the shortest path to the throne is the death of the King. Detailed review you can find here.

Number 7 is Ori and the Blind Forest by Moon Studios. Ori is classical adventure metroidvania game in which you play as the lost and later orphaned Ori who tries understand and save the Forest in which he lives. The game has a beautiful hearth melting story and looks gorgeous. Sadly the truth is that the game is for hardcore metroidvania players as it has some very complicated and hard jump puzzles in which you will die again and again and again until you manage to solve it in the end...or just leave the game and never finish it. Which will be big miss on your side as this game is truly great. Read full review here

Number 6 is Jotun by Thunder Lotus Games. In it you take control over Thora a young, fearless warriores who have died but not in battle and now she should prove herself in front of the Gods if she wants to ever see Valhala. Jotun is a adventure-exploration game and is for all of you who enjoy hard battles with huge bosses. And when I say hard I mean very very hard. Bosses will kill you with two strikes which is understandable when you are as big as their toe. The other main feature of the game is its atmosphere achieved by it amazing art style and great music and narration. Wholeheartedly I recommend you to try Jotun. Detailed review here.

Some rare gems right there guys and gals. Each and every worthy of your time. But let us continue with the second half of the list which if not else are as good as the first five.

Number 5 is Sunless sea by Failbetter Games. Failbetter became famous with their browser adventure game Fallen London. Sunless sea is taking place in the same dark and mysterious world but focuses on the zee exploration instead of the streets of London. You will take the role of a ship captain who have some goal connected with the zee. During the game you will gather crew, explore, smuggle goods, help the government, get insane and even kill your whole crew...or they you. In Sunless sea there is something very Lovecraftian...the mysteries, the monsters, the characters you meet. This really is one of the most atmospheric games that I have played this year. It does have a bit of a steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it you will quickly sink in the world of Fallen London. Full review you will find here.

Number 4 is Massive Chalice by  Double Fine Productions. In it you are the king of a land surrounded and slowly taken over by the Cadence. Your only hope is to hold it back until the Massive Chalice manages to charge its energies and repel the treat. This you will do by creating and helping the royal bloodlines to survive. In return they will give you their best warriors to fight in a X-COM style turn based battles against the Cadence. Your warriors will level up, learn new skills you will also have the ability to upgrade their equipment. And in rare cases when the best of them die they will leave their legendary weapons for the next generations. Very cool turn based strategy with some very interesting mechanics. Hot recommendation if you are into this kind of games. Detailed review you can read here.

Number 3 is Duelyst by Counterplay. My newest mania! Duelyst is a digital card collecting game with huge twist! Once summoned your creatures turn from cards into "real" monsters which walk around on the board and smack each other. The target of the game is to kill the enemy General. By implementing only one new thing Counterplay have brought so much new things to the genre while at the same time keeping their game quick, competitive and well balanced. If you want something quick like Hearthstone but deeper Duelyst is your game! Full review read here.

Number 2 is Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios. Darkest Dungeosn is a 2D side scrolling roguelike. Roguelike! Not rogueLITE but LIKE! This game will kill you for every small mistake you make. Hell you can even die in the tutorial! Its great! Dark, grim, hard, true enjoyment for the masochistic fans of the genre. In the heavily inspired by Lovecraft world of Darkest Dungeon you will lead a group of heroes into different dungeons ultimately trying to find out what happened to the place. While in the dungeons your characters will die..a lot, but that is the smallest problem. They will also get insane, gain perks both negative and positive, betray their team mates, coward from fights, get phobias and many other things which will let the game kill you off in the most merciless way possible. The worst part? After every fail you see clearly that it is possible to win. Great roguelike. Read full review here.

And now THE number one game reviewed on this blog is........

Pillars of Eternity by Obsidian. Yes, that's right! The newest masterpiece of Obsidian. Pillars is cRPG game in the best traditions of this genre. It has epic turn based battles, deep character development and story that grabs and does not let you until you don't finish it. What impressed me mostly in the game is how well it is written. Every dialogue, every book you find lying on a dusty floor in some forgotten ruin. Not to mention that every word you say matters. You can literally decide the outcome of more than few future meetings in the first few hours of the game. And while I think that if you don't try to read every line in this game you have missed like 90% of it I cannot skip the fact how well the battles are done. You didn't read your whole line before selecting it - too bad this whole town don't like you. You didn't activated your skill at the right time...oh well your whole party is dead.... You decide which is worse. Really, really good game I must really nit-pick to find any flaws in this piece. Full review you will find here.

Honourable mentions: Rebel Galaxy and Mordheim: City of the Damned. Both seem to be great games, but both are massive, massive time sinkers and I just didn't have the time to finish and review them, so I leave them out of this Top 10 list. 

With this list I'm not trying to say that any of this game is better than Wild Hunt, Fallout or...whatever triple A title took the top of different lists that are posted all over the place. This is simply the best 10 games that were reviewed here on the blog. If I have reviewed Witcher or Fallout they might have been in this list. Actually Witcher would have been for sure. But...yeah. Enoy this list, I hope you like it and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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