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Armello - EN

On 22nd of January in Steam appeared a new addition to the very popular Early Access, which allows you as you're aware to play games while they're still in development. Now I rarely use Early Access and usually use only to mark things which to follow. But in this case the game I'm about to tell you about grabbed my interest so hard that I couldn't resist. Armello looked like the perfect combination between boardgames and modern technology.

"From the Rat to the Bear
The Clans declared
Time has come
To take the Throne"

I think that this short quote pretty well tells you what the objective of the game is. But although it seems that all agree on what must be done Armello is not a co-operative game. In fact it is just the opposite. But first let's tell you more about the Clans.

"From Great Horrors
Great Heroes emerge"

The Four Clans have chosen their Heroes and they will have to defeat all dangers that the world will throw at them. And on top of that they will have to face the other clans.
The Chosen ones are:

  • Thane of the Wolf Clan - The Wolfs are the knights of Armello, they're fair, honest, proud and their only task is to protect the Clan. If for that the King must be killed, so be it.
  • Sana of the Bear Clan - The Bears are the oldest Clan in Armello, heirs of the ancient Druids. This Clan has served the Throne for many years, but the most important thing for them always has been to protect the world of Armello. And now the corruption of the King is threatening this world.
  • Mercurio of the Rat Clan - The Rats are the most numerous clan and this is their biggest straight. They're everywhere. There is no event in the Kingdom without a Rat present. There is no crime without a Rat sniffing around. With the huge amount of money and influence that they have, The Rats are the rulers in shadow.
  • Amber of the Rabbit Clan - The Rabbits were the first who found the underground treasures of Armello. And took them for themselves, fashioning them into beautiful jewellery and mighty weapons. This allowed them to stood together with the other Clans.

When you're ready with choosing a character it’s time to leave your clan grounds and try to save the Kingdom. But your time is limited! The corruption eats the King and he is dying. If your Clan is not the most influent when he is gone, you will have missed your chance. But if the influence race doesn't fit your taste there is another way - sneak into the palace, pass by the Guards and stand against the King. But don't underestimate him, The Lion might be sick, but he will be no easy opponent. To do this you will have to prepare yourselves. This you can do by completing Clan quests and gathering equipment.

"Sana was walking through the forest. The Sun was setting behind the threes. Worry had grasped the bear's heart, because she has heard rumours about disappearing Bears in those forests, but there were no clues who might have done this. It could have been the Rats or the Rabbits....suddenly there were noise on her right! Sana turned ready to defend herself. Towards her was running Amber from the Rabbits, but there was something wrong, her sword was sheathed, her eyes were filled with fear.

- Run! - The Rabbit shouted while darting past the Bear. But Sana had no time to follow as the huge Bane was already upon her..."

Armello is separated in two big parts - Day and Night. Few things depend on those phases of the game. For example dice roll results, Bane spawning and Declarations.

Banes and The Kings Guards are the "neutral" sides in the game. The Banes are enemies of all and The Guard minding their own business most of the time. But they can jump on you if you enter the Castle or someone chooses the right Declaration. At some point you may even be forced to attack them because they have the habit of standing in your way. But be careful they're strong opponents in the beginning of the game.

"Mercurio was just passing through the small town when he heard some noise nearby. The Rat sneaked in that direction and peeked carefully behind the corner while one of his hands was resting on his long dagger. There he saw the source of the noise. Thane of the Wolfs and Amber of the Rabbits were fighting. The Wolf skilfully swinging his sword, but the smaller Rabbit was easily avoiding all his attacks..."

The battles in Armello are done by rolling dice. The idea is very similar to the one in The Witcher - if you roll more swords than your opponents rolled shields you score hits and vice versa. There are also some differences and strategies, but I'll let you find them by yourself. The results from the battles are also few - you kill your opponent and win 1 prestige point for that(unless he is a Guard, then you lose 1), your fight ends without a winner, then nothing happens or you die in which case you lose 1 prestige point and respawn at your starting position. The one who have most prestige when The King dies is the winner.

Digital boardgame

League of Geeks unlike others have utilized at 100% the resources of modern devices and computers. Armello is fully 3D, every character is fully animated with his own moving, attacking and defending animation. The board, cards and characters are various and unique, also well drawn. Now I agree that this kind of puts the game further from "classic boardgames", but at the other hand it turns it into something that is enjoyable to play on the computer. It might even attract players who don't play boardgames.

Players interaction

When the game is competitive its very important the scale on which players can interact with each other or with other words how much you can hinder them. In Armello this is main part of the game, there are a ton of ways to make it harder for the other players. Starting with simple things like taking their towns and choose nasty Declarations and get to poison apples, stealing items,  laying traps and ambushes. The big amount of interactions is probably the reason why killing players give you prestige. Because believe me, the game can easily turn from peaceful questing to vicious head-hunt.


Armello is great combination between classic adventure boardgame and a PC game. In it you will control one character bit it will not be just some pawn on the board but it will stride, fight and defend. At the same time you have limited actions per turn, roll dice and play cards.  
But it's not only beautiful to look at, it is also pleasure to play it, because even in this early stage the game have polished and various gameplay, because of the pre-generated board and different characters playstyle.

In my humble opinion Armello is a link that may make fans of both PC and boardgames to sit and play something together.
The game as always you will find on the links bellow. 
Let your Clan be victorious!


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