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Gorogoa - A life told in pictures

For varied reasons this blog has little by little become a place for hidden gems. This does not mean you will never find opinion on bigger title, but it has become a rarity. Why I am saying all this? It is clear already I think,  you have seen the title after all. Today I am here to tell you about the puzzle game Gorogoa. 

Gorogoa is puzzle game developed by Jason Roberts and published by Annapurna Interactive in December 2017. 
The game starts with a panel, on the panel a boy, observing part of an ancient monster. He look it up in his book and finds something about it. This finding sends him on a journey...through life. 
Gorogoa's story is unclear one, told in pictures with no speech, the game leaves it up to you to take what you want from it. It explores themes like war, religion and meaning of life, but in subtle and elegant way with more than little symbolism the game's story is open for interpretation. And while this is nothing short of intriguing especially for a small puzzle game like Gorogoa(the game is developed by one guy and is no more than 2 hours.) what really takes you back are the puzzles in it. In other words...

How Gorogoa works 

You have four places on your screen. Those you will use to arrange pictures in such way that you help the protagonist find five "fruits". And by arrange I do not mean you will just put them next to each other. Oh, no, no. You will surely put them next to each other to make path for the character to move on, but this is usually at the very end of each chapter. Before that you will take part of a picture, put it in another, zoom in third, rotate it and take the new rotated piece and place it in the second. Then put the second under the forth and finish the puzzle. !!!!SPOILERS!!!! I mean, there is place where you will make a tram moving on a map, move on a ladder and then you will align the map so you can become smaller and go through a little gate and then connect a small ladder to a big one, so you become normal size again. Take that Alice! !!!END OF SPOILERS!!!!  But solving a puzzle in Gorogoa does not just make you feel good, it will also often come with expressions or thoughts like "Wow..."; "No way..."; "Are you kidding me..." etc. And this will not be because of how hard the puzzle are, but because how genius and imaginative they are. Truly the game can be beaten with random clicking and trying stuff until something works, but then it becomes tedious and you will ruin the whole experience for yourself. The expressions will be replaced with "Uph, at last...jeez" and trust me you do not want that. 

There will be no Conclusion for Gorogoa. If you are into puzzle games even just a little, go and play it its a game which need to be experienced and no amount of words will represent it fairly. 

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