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Quick Opinion - Death's Life, Citalis, BitMaster

Hello, its me...and it is time for another Quick Opinion post. This time I have gathered some small, under the radar fliers here and I wish to tell you more about them. This will be a relatively short post as the games are all small ones, but each has something to offer...hopefully.

DISCLAIMER: For all three games we received free keys from the developers.

Death's Life

The first one is Death's Life by Umbu Games. In this title you are Death's deciple and in each level you have to do your job - kill someone. This is where the interesting part starts(it sounds a bit morbid, but let me finish) - you have to take the life of your victims by solving chain reaction puzzles, because it has to look like an accident. The idea sounds great, I was immediately on board and the guys at Umba were good enough to send me a key so I jumped into the game with a lot of excitment. 
The first thing which you will notice is that the game has the atmosphere you will expect from something called Death's Life. It is grim and killing someone by dropping a car on him while he is fixing it will make you feel uneasy. I kind of felt bad for those people and felt bad from the simple act of taking their life despite them being just animated figures on a computer. I imagine even some people might be pushed away because of this. But then again it is called Death's Life I do not know what you expected. 
The biggest issue I had with the game and probably the only one is that all puzzles have only one solution and you can literally just randomly push things around until you succeed. This kind of defeats the point of the game which is to put your brain to the test. You have to figure how to kill those people in the most "looking like accident" way, but there is only one way so... But to keep things objective there is also the fact that this a 6€ game made by only two people in 10 months. 

Try it if you have the chance, it has some really flashy inventive ways to kill people and it will make your brain do more work than your fingers.


 BitMaster is the first of two games published by Sometimes You but developed by different people(this one is by Vladimir Shlapak). The game opens with very interesting story but if you, like me, go blind into the game your expectations might not be met. Bit Master is like...a demo, something unfinished, a concept. The game itself is twin-stick shooter in which you will pick different weapons and power ups while trying to survive waves of enemies and bosses which will get tougher and tougher with each wave. If you beat them all you escape the arena, which is story related. The way of moving is nice touch and it feels smooth while at the same time adding to the dynamic feeling of the game.
Sadly the enemies and fighting in general are flat and the action quickly becomes repetetive with no tactile response from the weapons or when you hit enemies.
I expected more from the game and may be that was a mistake, but it is advertised as powered by Unreal 4...

Despite all if you want to try it, links below:

Official site


Citalis is the other game from Sometimes You and developed by Matt Hooper. Here the developer has done something interesting. Citalis is an experiment about making a very dynamic city builder which you can not leave alone for long as different things will need your attention all the time. For example buildings accumulate corruption which when reaches certain levels the building will be closed by the police which will stop its production until you pay the fine(which is kind of realistic I guess). Another thing which you will have to watch out for from the start is your water reservoirs. If left unintended they will overflow and flood the whole area around them ruining many tiles and eventually cutting off roads. But without reservoirs you will be faced with droughts. To make the game more hectic your city is separated into different regions which are different small "islands" and you will have to scroll between them, fixing problems and continuing to the next, entering almost infinite circle of clicking buildings and fixing problems while at the same time trying to expand. This creates great dynamic, although a bit hectic atmosphere and you will not have a single peaceful moment until you don't fail or reach your objective.
Which bring us to...Citalis also has several game modes with different objectives and varying starting conditions.
The main problem I had with Citalis is that it was hard to click the buildings which made the otherwise interesting idea a bit frustrating, but Sometimes You is updating the game constantly fixing many issues and adding new features. Citalis also suffers from the fact that it is still unfinished and lacks some features, but it seems the develop favors it for now and is trying to bring out its full glory.

BONUS: Here is a link to another game published by Sometimes You which also looks promising if they decide to work more on it.

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