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Banner Saga 2 - The Epic continues

After what felt to me like an eternity Banner Saga 2 is out at last. The continuation of the epoch is in our hands! If these two sentences does not say it clearly enough to you - I loved Banner Saga it easily became one of my favorite games. Stoic did great job with the first part and now I am here to see together with you have they managed to keep the level with the second game.


First of all I think I should warn you that if you are about to rush to get the game because I praised the first part WAIT! Get Banner Saga first because in the second game you will get only a short recap which will remind you what have happened IF YOU HAVE PLAYED THE FIRST PART. If you have not you will be able to play the game no problems, but you will have no idea what is happening and sorry if you are here only for the battles but the story of Banner Saga is like 70% of the game. If you have already finished the first part you can load your save and it will transfer all characters, skills and artifacts and you will be able to continue playing with whoever have survived the first game with you.

Now that this is out of the way lets talk about the second part itself.

The second game picks the story from where its predecessor left it and it continues your epic desperate journey towards the human capital Arberrang. In this matter I can not complain Banner Saga 2 has absolutely the same spirit and feeling as the first one. Long desperate marches with dredge at your heels all the time. No food, low morale, unexpected let's be honest in 90% of the time ill events waiting for you after each turn, the world literally falling apart around you, not to mention the giant serpent looming over the horizon reminding you that your time is almost at hand. Your only choice will be to try and do the best you can to survive!

In this part you will lead two parties again. One led by the living member of Rook's family(depending on your choice at the end of the first part) and the Ravens, mercenary group led by the last varl berserk Bolverk. Both story lines are interesting and different I followed them with great interest, especially the story of Bolverk which will little by little plant ideas in your head until in the end reveal the answers of many questions. At the same time "Rook's group" will have a lot more difficulties with traitors in their caravan, bandits, lack of food, barbaric tribes and warbands of the newly introduced in this part race of the Horseborn. Not the mention the constant strain because of the lost sibling and self blame.

Something new that impacts the game more than the Horseborn as you might not even use them, is the possibility for your characters to learn second ability which gives the battles a little more diversity and gives you more control upon the battlefield. Also now for every maxed stat of a character he can learn unique for this stat passive ability depending on the role you have in mind for this character. For example a character may have the chance to deal critical damage or the chance to avoid str damage. If you decide to use the Horseborn though they will fit perfectly in group focused around hit and run, striking from distance and so on.

Another trademark of Banner Saga without a doubt is its artstyle. The beautiful art which grabbed the hearts of so many fans is present here too bringing the feeling that you are part of great Norse myth. Saying that though the whole game creates this feeling. Stoic has done amazing job in creating authentic atmosphere.

I have not tell you much about the battles as they are mainly the same. The battlefields are now always according to the terrain where you encountered the enemy. The additional skills bring new possibilities during battle as I already mentioned, also there are few new enemy units which will make it harder for you as some of them are really nasty. If I should nitpick the battles suffer from the same problem they did in the first part - they are 2D and sometimes you will have hard time judging distances, clicking enemies also terrain will sometimes obscure your vision.


We reached this part again. The hardest sometimes, but not this time, because Stoic has done their job amazingly well again! A lot of words are unnecessary really, if you have played the first part and have enjoyed it there is nothing to think about it, get this its great continuation of a great start. I personally enjoyed it a lot and now a new eternity begins waiting for the third and last game of the saga.

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