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HEX: Shards of Fate - What Duels of Planeswalkers should have been

I have mentioned it so many times that I don't think there is need to say it again. What I have said so many times, you ask? I am huge CCG fan! Aah, you remember now, good! Let us continue then. Today as you can guess from the title I will talk about HEX: Shards of Fate which recently got it's main feature going at last. And this is the PvE campaign. Does it rings a bell? Probably not, I do not think that many of you are old enough to remember the 1997 video game based on Magic: The Gathering where you were able to roam around, fight monsters, improve your deck and in the end test your skills and cards against the final bosses. But there was such game and it was awesome. After I played it time passed and kind of forgot about MTG until few years ago when Duels of the Planeswalkers rekindled my interest in the game. Sadly DoP was nothing like what I was craving...

For this reason when I heard about HEX I was all over the idea. I had no patience to get my hands on this game and at last relive this moments of joy. Roaming a world, defeating opponents in card duels while at the same time improving my skills and decks. But HEX does not rely only on classical, established as working mechanics taken from Magic. It also includes things of its own - for example equipment for your heroes or upgradable cards which get new abilities. Not to mention the gorgeous battlefields, changing depending on the area in which you fight never breaking your immersion.

HEX is PvE centered CCG and as such it offers few ways of play. The first is the standard PvE versus AI. Your enemy might from any faction and will use various decks and strategies. Decent game mode if you want to just try the game or the new deck you have built up.

The second mode of PvE is the Arena. This is your standard arena, gauntlet or whatever you call it. The more victories you achieve better the reward at the end. Here you have 20 wins maximum, 3 loses and all your enemies are AI. These AI though are a lot harder and with better decks than the ones from the previous mode. Other difference in HEX's arena is the way it is structured - the 20 matches are divided in 4 categories and at the end of which there is a boss. The rewards from the Arena are mainly currencies and unique items for your heroes.

The third way to play is the main reason why so many people were so impatient to try Shards of Fate - the PvE campaign which can be played even solo. In it you choose a race and a class. The combination between these two will give you different bonuses. Your race choice also decided the story and your starting deck until you collect enough cards to build your own. The PvE campaign is the only way to play the dungeons, being alone or with your party of friends. In the game you will find also other RPG "social" functions as Guilds and neutral factions which will act towards depending on your action through the campaign.

The may be only big negatives of the campaign are the boring looking map and the dialogues in which your decisions does not seem to be of great importance. But if you can look beyond those you will find one very interesting mash-up of RPG and CCG.

Now that we mentioned all things which set HEX: Shards of Fate apart from the other CCGs let me tell you about some other things you will find this already pretty great game. There is Action House where you sell and buy cards. There are of course boosters, sadly sold only for real money. Talking about boosters and cards I almost forgot - cards are separated in PvP and PvE categories which honestly I find for little strange and hinders the game more than anything else... Oh, oh! I forgot the most important thing! HEX: Shards of Fate is absolutely free to play and you will hardly find yourself pushed to buy boosters unless may be you want to get super competitive and win tournaments. 

If you are like me and RPG and CCG/TCG are two of your favorite genres then this is without doubt the game for you! Try it, it is nothing like the others.

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